GE PLC Modules

GE PLC Modules

Tue Jun 28 13:59:28 CST 2022

Power module
    Series 90-30 GE power modules are divided into single power supply, fail-safe power supply and fault-tolerant power supply according to the performance of the CPU. 

Advanced diagnosis and built-in smart switch fuse are also its features. You can choose our new redundant series 90-30 power module.

Distributed I/O communication module
   GE I/O communication modules, Series 90-30 has many communication options, including Ethernet, Genius, Series 90 protocol (SNP) and Modbus RTU.

I/O module
    The real feature of Series 90-30 is its GE I/O Modules. It has more than 38 different discrete I/O types and 17 analog I/O types, including high-speed counters, I/O processors, programmable co-processors, temperature control, servo motion controllers and PC co-processing, etc. modules.

Special module
   GE Special modules include thermocouple module, RTD module, millivolt/strain gauge module, sequence event recording module, isolation analog module, communication module with modem and a pneumatic valve output module.

Programmable software
    System 90-30 optional GE programming software can be ladder logic, SFC, "C" or state logic. C language programming enables users to handle complex calculations, and these calculations can only be performed by large and expensive PLCs.