1734-OB8 <font style="font-weight: bold;">Brand:</font> Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Condition:</font> Brand New,factory sealed<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Description:</font> POINT I/O 8 Point Digital Output Module<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Availability:</font> Always in stock<br> <font style="font-weight: bold;">Warranty:</font> 12 month globally<br>

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1734-OB8 POINT Guard I / O, safety input / output module

The 1734-OB8 single-channel digital input or output module is ideal for applications requiring safety and automation control. They communicate with the CIP safety protocol via EtherNet / IP for GuardLogix safety controllers and DeviceGuard for SmartGuard600 safety controllers. 1734-OB8 Safety and automation control in an I / O solution. The application of the CIP safety protocol allows simultaneous transmission of safety and automation control data and diagnostic information over a CIP network.

1734-OB8 Cost Optimization: Mix safety inputs and outputs with standard POINT I / O in one node
Easy retrofit: use POINT I / O
I / O point-level diagnostics added to existing panels, LEDs quickly identify issues to help reduce machine downtime
1734-OB8TÜV certification: for safety applications up to SIL3, PLe and CAT 4
Flexibility: Supports single-channel and dual-channel safety devices on inputs and outputs
Individual test outputs can be assigned to each safety input device to optimize cable installation

1734-OB8 precautions
Input version with 4 pulse test sources

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